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Welcome to Flight Level Zero, it all starts here. Join us as we discuss the extremely diverse industry we know as Aviation/Aerospace. Success leaves clues and we are out to find them. Our aim is to educate and inspire you and us to be the absolute best version of ourselves. Flight Level Zero is where it all matters. Here on the ground is where it all starts.

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FLZ EP 17 Sarah the Pivoter
5d ago
FLZ EP 17 Sarah the Pivoter
In this conversation, Joe Peebles interviews Sarah Kalmeta, also known as Sarah the Pivoter, an internationally acclaimed speaker in aviation, aerospace, and leadership. They discuss the power of small actions and one degree shifts in achieving exponential results. Sarah shares her journey and the inspiration behind her name, as well as her experience with keynote speaking and overcoming nervousness. They also explore the concept of life as a series of flight legs and the importance of creating rituals and reflection. The conversation concludes with a discussion on the difference between mentorship and coaching. In this conversation, Sarah the Pivoter and Joe Peebles discuss the importance of building relationships and seeking mentorship. They emphasize the value of investing time, effort, and money in coaching programs to gain clarity and achieve success. They also highlight the significance of slowing down, finding clarity, and developing self-awareness. The conversation concludes with a discussion on the power of focus and meditation in achieving personal and professional goals.TakeawaysSmall actions and one degree shifts can lead to exponential results.Creating rituals and reflecting on our actions can help us make intentional choices and achieve our goals.Life can be seen as a series of flight legs, with each leg requiring intention and reflection.Mentorship and coaching are valuable for personal and professional growth, and it is beneficial to invest in these relationships.Sarah (the Pivoter) Kalmeta | LinkedInSarah the Pivoter | Instagram, Facebook | LinktreePivot Point International: Overview | LinkedIn