Business Without Bullsh-t

Oury Clark

A sideways look at modern business talking to founders & entrepreneurs about problems they face and how they solve them.
EP 58 - Stu McKinlay: "Take care of your team's well-being"EP 57 - BWB Extra - The Decision FactorEP 56 - Ben Fogarty: "Get out of the way and let your company scale without you"EP 55 - BWB Extra - Changing Cultures with William LawrieEP 54 - William Lawrie: "Academia is not essential. You can learn on-the-job"EP 53 - BWB Extra - The Beluga Bean Effect with Renee Elliott and Sam WiganEP 52 - Sam Wigan and Renee Elliott: "Be thoughtful, be considered, take your time"EP 51 - BWB Extra - Changing Industries with Jason GibbEP 50 - Jason Gibb: "Don't take your business too personally"EP 49 - The Art of Whisky with Desiree WhitakerEP 48 - Desiree Whitaker: "You don't have to be loud and charismatic to be a good leader"EP 47 - Tom Huggins: "Hire people who will be better at a job than you"EP 46 - Maxim Cramer: "Let it be easy"EP 45 - Christine Armstrong: "If you’re in a job which is bad for your soul, you need to quit”EP 44 - Sunna Van Kampen: "Venture Capitalists prefer a Founder who has failed one company first"EP 43 - Ted Edwards: “Settle your career path as early as you can”EP 42 - Luke Sequeria: "If you want to work well with people, do not act like an authority"EP 41 - Michael Branagan-Harris: "Make the life of your team as simple as possible"EP 40 - Nathan Macabuag: "Are you in love with the problem that you are solving?"EP 39 - Melissa Jolly: "Work/Life balance is fundamental"
34 mins