Sharod Starks continues to expand his Hip-Hop brand in 2021


24-09-2021 • 29 mins

Sharod Starks is undoubtedly a young superstar in the making. Sharod Starks’s music illuminates the raw essence and substance of Hip-Hop’s golden era. Sharod Starks is the epitome of being self-made and having Championship DNA. Sharod Starks’s unorthodox childhood and born gift of music enabled him to create a lane to financial freedom and prominence.

Sharod Starks’s lyrical content, rap delivery precision, and emotional intelligence provide his music with a signature sound and unparalleled euphoria. Sharod Starks is a multiplatform entrepreneur and oversees business enterprises involving music, TV/Film, and global merchandising.

Sharod Starks’s mission in life is crystal clear and has a ‘No Plan B’ option clause. Sharod Starks is laser-focused on building, growing, and monetizing a music empire over the next 36 months. Sharod Starks music catalog and fanbase now extends across multiple countries and continents. Sharod Starks’s ability to convert pain into purpose enables him to reach listener’s hearts.

Sharod Starks inked a strategic music monetization partnership with RADIOPUSHERS in 2021. RADIOPUSHERS is a global branding agency for unconventional artists/entrepreneurs.

Jonathan P-Wright is CVO of RESULTSANDNOHYPE.