KEIANNA NICOLE: Redefining The Strength of A Woman


29-08-2020 • 18 mins

The journey of a woman is compelling,  painstaking, beautiful, and reflective of God’s master plan. However,  the plight of a “black woman” far exceeds anything imaginable and  requires “QUEEN” style grace to survive. Strength is mesmerizing, sexy,  defiant, and masterful in most cases.

However, strength must be calculated  and leveraged appropriately for optimal effectiveness. Affairs of the  heart stir up a person’s most in-depth, passionate, and most vulnerable  emotions.

Decoding a person’s heart condition and  true intentions in the game of love is a fine line between euphoria and  insanity. They say the “eyes are the windows to the soul,” so even when  everything feels perfect, the imminent threat of uncertainty surrounds a  person’s mind.

Keianna Nicole’s radiant energy allows  her to create matchless words of empowerment and clarity in the world of  “relationships.” Few people are born with an innate gift of human  instinct. Keianna’s lyrical lessons of love provide women worldwide with  a customized formula for success. A person’s heart is the most exposed  and accessible human body part and requires 24/7 security. Her latest  single “Where’s Your Heart” creates defined boundaries between reality  and the unknown.