RIMANIST locks in on His life Purpose and Focuses on Rap Supremacy


24-09-2021 • 24 mins

Multiplatform Entrepreneur/Major Recording Artist Rimanist embodies Hip-Hop’s rawness, creative mastery, fearless rebellion, and mass appeal. Rimanist represents the grind, hustle, and swag of Detroit. Rimanist’s life story intimidates the average person because his journey includes drug-infested street corners, extreme police corruption, systemic racism, gang violence, Detroit love, and Hip-Hop.

Rimanist from day one understood his mission in life and never evaluated a ‘Plan B.’ Rimanist diverse music catalog continues to generate streams, fans, and critical acclaim worldwide. Rimanist knows its 90% business and 10% music in Hip-Hop culture.

Rimanist launched a multimedia enterprise that houses a record label, TV/Film division, clothing line, and global merchandising.

Rimanist knows the risks versus rewards in rap music. Rimanist time is now, and every second is vital to building his legacy.

Rimanist is a Global Advocat of RADIOPUSHERS and RESULTSANDNOHYPE. RADIOPUSHERS is a global leader in music monetization for indie artists and entrepreneurs.