The Payroll Podcast

Nick Day - JGA Payroll Recruitment

Take control of your payroll function and develop your knowledge with the Payroll Podcast. Join Nick Day from JGA Payroll Recruitment as he meets with guests who are shaping the payroll industry. Cut through the confusing legislation, latest technology and payroll compliance issues affecting your payroll department to discover how this short payroll podcast can improve your payroll operation.
Effective Payroll Data Gathering for DEI with Caroline Drake #71Next-gen Payments to Modernise Global Payroll with Matt Teumer #70Payroll Question Time: The End of Furlough – So What’s Next?At the Heartbeat of Payroll Innovation with Brian Sparling #68Payroll Question Time: RTI Changes, Flexible SSP, & NMW #67Payroll Question Time: The End of Furlough, Salary Sacrifice, & Payrolling BenefitsAI & Machine Learning’s influence on the future of Payroll with Rohit Mathur #65Cyber Security: Phishing, Ransomware and a Web of Lies with Bryan Seely #64Payroll in the Middle East with Diana Geldenhuys #63Payroll Question Time: PENP Termination payments & Payrolling Benefits in Kind #62Payroll Question Time: New Legislation & The Pay on Demand Debate #61Payrolling Employees with Bitcoin & Crypto Payments – with Jonathan Chester #60Global Touchless Payroll & RPA – with Richard Limpkin #59HMRC Transforming Payroll in a Pandemic with Joanna Rowland #58Payroll Question Time: April Changes for the New Tax Year #57Payroll Requires Trust. Examining the Speed of Trust with Stephen M. R. Covey #56Improving Financial Health through Payroll with James Herbert #55“Is it wrong to say Payroll is exciting?” with Simon Parsons #54The Employee Payroll Experience with Simon Bocca #53Payroll Projects & Transformation with Jeanette Hibbert #52