Matt Spett & Chris Dutton with Uncharted Agency join us! NEWS: Doctors get PERSONAL! LinkedIn something else!

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07-05-2020 • 40 mins

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We hosted Matt Spett & Chris Dutton with Uncharted Agency and they were a great guest!

News in this podcast:

  • In the news, we are going to discuss:

    1. Doctors get personal on social media during COVID-19 crisis
    2. Social media: Proceed with caution - Social media contains many pitfalls for dental hygienists and other health-care professionals, but can be used properly with some good judgment and knowledge of HIPAA rules
    3. STOP that post on LinkedIn…say something else.

More on our guest Matt Spett & Chris Dutton:

We’re a high-octane, creatively-driven advertising and content agency fueled by professional thinkers, makers and explorers who guide brands into more prosperous, uncharted territories. We’re high-craft, smart thinking and believe the beaten path is for others to wander.

We’re very collaborative and available to our clients at all times. No matter the size of the ask, we will always deliver smart work that performs.

We’re not a traditional advertising agency. We’ve taken the best of what we learned in our 20+ years of working for some of the biggest agencies in the world and revolutionized it. We pride ourselves on creating the best product possible for our clients without all the cost of engaging with a traditional agency model.

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