The Baron of Botox with Justine Harman

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25-03-2020 • 53 mins

Dr. Fredric Brandt was the pioneer of botox. He was an innovative scientist and one of the first doctors to champion cosmetic dermatology. His clients included Joy Beyhar, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kelly Ripa, and Madonna.

Justine Harman, the host of the popular Broken Harts podcast, takes a deep dive into Dr. Brandt’s life in a ten-episode podcast series called The Baron of Botox.

Who Was Dr. Fedric Brandt?

Through an extensive investigation and numerous interviews, Justine highlights the multi-layered and complex nature of Dr. Brandt in The Baron of Botox podcast.

Dr. Brandt was much more than a cosmetic surgeon. By all accounts, he was generous, funny, sweet-natured, and benevolent, despite his polarizing profession. Moreover, his love of beauty was manifested in his world-renowned art collection.

Brandt also struggled with mental health issues and his previous bout with cancer may have contributed to his mental health woes. At the same time, he had limited contact with members of his family. Justine thinks that these factors mixed together likely contributed to his efforts to find more happiness through his own botox procedures.

Life After Dr. Brandt

Dr. Brandt committed suicide on April 5, 2015, sending shockwaves throughout the skincare and esthetics community. To honor him, his business affiliates (especially his close partner Stephane Colleu) continue his work today through Dr. Brandt Skincare. They seek to build on Dr. Brandt’s efforts to bring his skincare solutions to everyday Americans--not just the elites.

In addition, much of Dr. Brandt’s art collection has been sold to help support his skincare business, settle debts against his estate, and--most importantly--to establish the Dr. Brandt Foundation.

The Subjectivity of Beauty and Botox

Justine and Mary Payne discuss the tricky and imperfect science of botox. Some people get into a vicious cycle of overdoing their procedures; you must know where to draw the line. At the same time, Justine believes that the right amount of work, in consultation with your doctor, can help you feel confident.

In fact, one of The Baron of Botox episodes records Justine’s procedure with world-class cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Robert Anolik, to help bring the audience into Dr. Brandt’s botox world. During the consultation and procedure, Dr. Anolik used his own judgment on which features to enhance--which was a popular way for Dr. Brandt to perform his surgeries.

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