Sam and Jordyn’s Seasons Come to an End; Meet Sport’s Scientist Emelia Funnell, Lead Researcher at IDA Sports


24-11-2023 • 44 mins

"Episode Sweet 16, but not completely sweet. Sam and Jordyn’s seasons are over, and they reflect on the wild ride of the last few months. Sam’s college soccer journey is officially done and she looks back on her incredible, history-making career as an Iowa Hawkeye. Jordyn, meanwhile, has another year in East Lansing. She is part of a Spartan program that has seen tremendous growth during her time and she has another year to soak up all that Michigan State’s women’s soccer program has to offer.We’re lucky to have IDA Sports as our sponsor. All season they have supported our efforts with the BIG LIFE podcast, and we can’t thank them enough. If you ever wondered if there was really a difference between men’s and women’s soccer footwear, you need to hear Emelia Funnell talk about the amount of thought and research that goes into designing IDA products. we love them because they don’t just have our feet; they have our backs."

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