Sam and Jordyn Make College Cup Predictions; Kelli McGroarty Shares Her Experience in the Transfer Portal, What it’s Like Being a Two-Sport Athlete and How it Felt to Be Part of this Historic Seaso


30-11-2023 • 1 hr 6 mins

With the season over for all but for the four teams playing in the College Cup on Friday, it's prediction time. Who's it going to be? BYU, Stanford, Florida State or Clemson? We won't tell you who they picked but you can be sure they did not agree on the outcome.

Iowa Hawkeye Kelli McGroarty shares valuable experience about the process of entering the transfer portal. As a new player on the team late in her college career, Kelli had to learn what her role was and accept that it was different than on previous teams. She talks about evolving into the Hawkeye women's soccer program and, based on her stats this past season - did incredibly well to make an impact in such a short time. Sam and Kelli share about their late-season bonding and the laser focus they had in the post-season.

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