The BIG LIFE of Katie Meyer lives on; Interview with Gina and Steve Meyer, Founders of Katie’s Save


28-09-2023 • 57 mins

The BIG LIFE Episode 8

As National Suicide Prevention Month closes out, we're humbled and honored that Gina and Steve Meyer have shared virtual space with us to talk about their Foundation, Katie's Save. The Meyers lost their daughter Katie, Stanford's star goalie, to suicide in 2022.

There are few words to describe the emotion felt during this interview. Yes it was powerful. Yes it was sad. And yes, it's tragic but like Katie herself, the feeling of connection and love is what we're left with and what will live on.

Sam and Jordyn never met Katie Meyer. But like many of us, they thought they knew her. Katie, the fiery, brilliant goalie whose reputation as a beast in the net was legendary. Katie, the cocky keeper who dares to stare right at the camera after a big save with a swagger so assured it made many people uncomfortable.

The Meyers tell us about their daughter and who she really was - a vibrant and loving daughter, a great friend, a big sister. Even so, she, like Jordyn and Sam and so many young people who are involved in competitive collegiate sports, have moments where they can lose sight of the world around them. Sometimes for a day, or a week, and sometimes, even just a moment. Most of the time, people make it out of the dark and into the light but sometimes, these moments go unnoticed by even those closest to you. The purpose of Katie's Save is to prevent this from happening on college campuses across the country. Please take the time to learn more about Katie's Save here: Katie's Save Foundation. More importantly, share it with a college or institution so that they can better advocate for their students during this critical time in their lives.

We love this article in the Players Tribune by Katie's close friend and former teammate, Naomi Girma. Beautiful tribute.

Our managing editor Hannah Cantrell, interviewed Steve Meyer about the Katie's Saves Foundation in February of 2023.

Dial 988 to reach the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline

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