The Champion’s Episode: Special Guest UCLA’s Ally Cook, Sam and Jordyn All Brought Home the Harware This Season


09-11-2023 • 53 mins

Episode 14 of the BIG LIFE is something we could not have dreamed of back in late August. The twists and turns of this season for both Sam and Jordyn could make even die-hard doubters believe in kismet. We had no clue where this little podcast would take us but to have not just one, but both of our hosts be Big Ten Champions is out of a soccer fairy tale. Or, as we like to say around here - it's called the Cary-Tale, because Sam and those yellow-decked Iowa Hawkeyes are the sleeper story of the season. And Jordyn, who we're calling J-Dub for helping Michigan State win the regular season championship, called it in episode four. Sam, looking for some extra love, point-blank asked her, "Who do you think the sleeper team is," and Jordyn reluctantly told her..."I'd have to say it's the Hawkeyes, Sam." Go figure. These Zoom sessions are sending some serious vibrations into the universe.

To keep Cary-Tale and J-Dub a little humble, we brought on UCLA's Ally Cook, who knows a few things about titles. Last year, she was part of the epic Bruin team that won almost every trophy they could, including the big one - the Natty, in a game we're still recovering from. Ally is a killer forward who this year has scored nine goals and won Pac-12 Offensive Player of the Week multiple times, as well as being named on the All-Conference First Team. She may be a lethal striker, but she's also an incredible human who loves to give back to the next generation. Ally was a Soccerista United mentor this past, and she was loved by the girls in our community who had her as their squad leader. This ia a winning episode if there ever was one. Have a listen and please share the BIG LIFE and leave us a review!

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