EP002- The Anatomy of the Vet School Application

The Academic Veterinarian Podcast

15-01-2021 • 39 mins

Dr. Gillian Fraser is Assistant Professor and Chair of the Pre-Veterinary Medicine Program at Becker College. She joins me to discuss the components of the veterinary school application, how to be a standout applicant, choosing the right school for you, and using the AAVMC’s Veterinary Medical College Application Service (VMCAS) to submit your vet school application.

Topics discussed in this episode

1:15- Vet School admissions by the numbers

7:10- Qualifying and standing out as a veterinary school applicant

10:40- Components of the VMCAS application

11:22- What courses should I take: vet school pre-requisites

13:17- What’s a competitive G.P.A.?

14:48 – GRE requirements and preparation

17:48- Keeping track of required animal-related experiences

21:35- Show them the real you: writing your personal essay

23:13- The VMCAS application cycle

25:50- Letters of recommendation (Tip: ask early!)

30:14- Supplemental application materials

32:00- Tips on choosing the right school for you

34:00- The vet school interview

Resources mentioned in this episode

VIN Foundation Vet School Bound:

AAVMC (Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges):

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