Running an OKR proof of concept (with the City of Quebec)

Goal Diggers: OKR, KPIs, strategy, and people management.

21-12-2023 • 28 mins

OKR is essentially change management. Therefore, to ensure that OKR is the right framework for a large organization, they typically choose to run an OKR proof of concept (POC) with a department or team first.

We spoke to Jean-Luc Koning, OKR coach and co-founder of IN EXCELSIS, who ran the OKR POC with the IT team at The City of Quebec, the capital of the Canadian province of Quebec. After all, a city (governmental organization) is an organization, with similar concerns as any other organization. In this podcast Jean-Luc explains:

  • Why the City of Quebec decided to run an OKR POC in the first place
  • How their POC was set up
  • What their expectations of the POC was
  • What approach he took with their IT team
  • The ideal length for an OKR POC
  • Who exactly was involved in this OKR POC
  • What processes were deliberately left out
  • What feedback teams and team leads had regarding the POC
  • Based on his learnings, what he would do differently in the next POC
  • What success factors are needed for running a successful OKR proof of concept
  • And, what the current status is of the City of Quebec after the POC

Tune in to learn more!


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