How The Executive's Trinity & OKR work together

Goal Diggers: OKR, KPIs, strategy, and people management.

15-07-2021 • 21 mins

The Executive's Trinity is a concept devised by Stephen Bungay, author and consultant on strategy and leadership, that describes the three different types of work every executive should master.

While The Executive's Trinity says little about OKR as a tool that organizations can use to execute strategy, through the experience of one of our clients, Mathis Christian, we’ve learnt that combining the right leadership with OKR is a recipe for success.

Mathis is a founder, coach and consultant whom has set up a collective called Craft Agile — an organization that transforms businesses by being helping them craft and master robust structures and processes. Mathis works closely with Stephen Bungay and The Executive's Trinity concept, as well as with OKR and Perdoo, and we'll go into depth on his experience in doing so.

During the episode we'll discuss:

  • What The Executive's Trinity is all about
  • How organizations use The Executive's Trinity to execute their strategy through OKR
  • The challenges faced with using The Executive's Trinity

Curious to learn how to manage The Executive's Trinity and OKR within Perdoo? Head over to this guide.

Tune in to our episode with Stephen Bungay to learn more about putting strategy into action.


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