Combining OKR and company culture

Goal Diggers: OKR, KPIs, strategy, and people management.

24-09-2021 • 19 mins

OKR is often mistaken — it's seen as a rigid framework with rules that need to be followed to a T to ensure its success. That's far from the truth.

The OKR framework provides best practices that are tried and tested, however, beyond that, it's how you integrate it within your company culture and how you operate as an organization that ensures its success.

In this episode, we're speaking with a special guest, Ben Stilwill from Streamline Health. Ben will provide you with a window into how his organization's OKR program and how they've integrated OKR within their cultural DNA, by combining it with other engrained cultural elements — their One-Page Strategic Plan & Clifton Strengths personality assessment by Gallup.

During this episode we'll discuss:

  1. How Streamline Health got started with OKR and their experience so far
  2. How they've integrated OKR within their cultural blueprint
  3. A deep-dive on Clifton Strengths and their One-Page Strategic Plan
  4. How they maintain a healthy OKR program
  5. OKR advice and best practices

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