Empowered teams built on OKR

Goal Diggers: OKR, KPIs, strategy, and people management.

30-09-2022 • 23 mins

Every organization strives to have teams that perform well. However, the process of designing such high-performing teams and creating an environment in which people can thrive, is often an overlooked process. Why is that the case? Aren't people your most important resource after all?

So, what are high-performing, empowered teams? And, how can you create such a work environment with the help of OKR? We spoke to Christina Wodtke, ex-OKR consultant, and author of Radical Focus and The team that managed itself, about:

  • What the meaning of an empowered team is?
  • What does it mean to consciously design and maintain a high-performing empowered team?
  • How do you design such a team?
  • What do organizations get wrong when designing their teams?
  • What role do goals (eg. OKRs) play in the empowerment of teams?
  • And what is the process of goal grading in such teams?

Tune in to learn more!


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