Ep. 64 - Joanie Arc and the Trial of the Century

Well Behaved Women

29-03-2024 • 49 mins

Uh oh, guys ... Jeannie's in the clink!   Our favorite holy morale booster has been deemed a CRIMINAL and BLASPHEMOUS!  She is purchased by the English and held on trial, with death as the penalty.

Her Crimes?  Wearing pants, acting upon DEMONIC (?) visions, and refusing to be judged by plain old human men and decreed only God could judge her.

Welp, let's see how this goes! (I think we already know, though...)

Image credits: Image of Jeanne d'Arc in New Orleans by Emmanuel Frémiet , sourced from Wikimedia Commons.

Link: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Joan_of_Arc_(5568983169)-_Modified_Version.jpg