The Crownening S1 E4 - "Act of God"

Well Behaved Women

08-03-2024 • 1 hr 26 mins

*Mrs. Doubtfire voice*  Oh hellOOOOOoooo! Queen Lizzie's reign starts to heat up when a special fog rolls into London Town, and it causes CHAOS.  No one can see (or breathe) a damned thing.

Everyone is looking to Winston Churchill to solve the problem, but what is he worried about?  Phillip flying!  Is he serious???

We also get to know more about the new girl, Venetia Scott!  She's got the hots for ... Winston Churchill?  We're not entirely sure, but she's definitely crushing on him - luckily platonically, kind of!

We've got a lot to cover, and more!

Image credit:  Netflix's The Crown Season 1 Episode 4 "Act of God"