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#1 - Dreams predicts the future !!!
#1 - Dreams predicts the future !!!
My dear nanba, Dreaming is a natural thing for all human beings. But knowing about dream's facts and knowledge is very important.  What I am trying to say is your dreams are worth your future.  So many people in this world are examples of what I'm saying. Dreams makes you creative.  For example, • Larry Page, Founder of Google - got the idea of Google in his dream • James Watson, microbiologist - discovery of DNA is a double helix idea was found in his dream. • Sewing machine idea by Ellias Howe • Nikola Tesla , a great inventor - got his idea about alternating current generator in his dream • Dmitri Mendeleev, Chemist - got the idea of periodic table in his dream. • Paul McCartney, Singer and song writer - got 2 song's total tunes in his dream. So guys examples are so many , If you wanna join this club I've got an idea. But we forgot our dreams quickly, because dreams comes at subconscious state . I researched and I got a solution for this in a documentary,  Keep a diary and a pen near pillow while sleeping. If you gotta dream then note that dream by bullet points or code words so that you'll not forget it. If you get only negative dreams and nightmares don't panic, half the people in this world experience this. All you wanna do is staying positive and making your subconscious mind Positive. At last my dear friends,    Keep a diary and pen ,   Dream good ,    Be creative,   Stayyyyyyy blessed Peace:-*