WTF1 Podcast

WTF1 Podcast

The F1 podcast for the fans. Join Amber and Haydon for the new-look WTF1 Podcast, where F1 fandom is taken to the next level as they discuss the latest F1 news, rumours and controversy, in and out of the paddock! read less

Our Editor's Take

Formula 1 racing has fans worldwide. They engage throughout the year in its varied and intriguing season. The WTF1 Podcast allows fans to stay current with the latest F1 news. This show is the official companion podcast of the WTF1 website. The site debuted in 2010 and focuses on motorsports.

The hosts of the podcast are Harry Benjamin and Callan O'Keeffe. Both men have unique professional backgrounds, making them ideal hosts for this show. Additionally, the contrast between the two allows fans to learn more about the sport. They each provide a different perspective. Benjamin is a broadcaster and F1 reporter. He has covered the sport since 2015. He began his career as a presenter on the website He now covers Formula 1 for various outlets, including WTF1 and ITV. O'Keeffe is a former South African driver who began racing competitively at the age of 13. He retired from driving in 2019 and became a driving coach and mentor. He is the founder of School of Send, which provides training to new drivers.

The difference in backgrounds between the hosts helps to keep the podcast interesting. Benjamin often sees things from the perspective of a fan. O'Keeffe has almost a decade of professional experience as a driver. As a result, listeners get a podcast that discusses F1 in a comprehensive and insightful fashion.

The WTF1 Podcast is also home to a secondary podcast entitled Hot Takes Wednesdays. This show has a separate host, Dre Harrison. The host and a guest discuss controversial opinions within the Formula 1 community.

New episodes of the flagship WTF1 Podcast air on a rotating basis. Interested listeners should track the podcast to know when new episodes are available.

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