News Special: Octopus Energy US launch & the Texas Energy Crisis

Inside Octopus Energy

06-04-2021 • 33 mins

This special episode introduces the team who recently launched Octopus Energy US in Texas, just days before the State was hit by one of the worst winter storms it had seen in 100 years. Host Russell Goldsmith was joined by Octopus Energy US CEO, Michael Lee, the US Head of Marketing, Natasha Crowe and Operations Lead, Kelly Rankine, who had only just moved to Texas a few months beforehand, having previously worked with Octopus Energy in the UK. Michael, Natasha and Kelly talked about how some of the team experienced the frightening impact of storm firsthand, how the marketing team pivoted to become the front line of customer service and what part renewables and companies like Octopus Energy can play to avoid such dire events in the future.