Episode 1: Culture

Inside Octopus Energy

11-09-2020 • 57 mins

Lots of people want to know what happens inside Octopus Energy. Most importantly, our ever-expanding team. When we started, we all sat within earshot of every conversation, every phone call. We could see each other’s screens and learn what Octopus was from each other, as we built it. Now our team is spread across locations (including a lot of remote working), across time zones and continents, we need ever more ways to share what Octopus is. That's why we've launched this podcast series, and in Episode 1, our podcast hosts, Russell & Trudy, were joined online by Founder and CEO, Greg Jackson, and Marketing and Product Director, Rebecca Dibb-Simkin to talk about the culture of our business. Of course, this podcast series will also be great if you're thinking of joining Octopus, and want to know if it’s right for you - it should be more insightful than a typical salesy web page. Similarly for the dozens, maybe hundreds of organisations who partner with us. Beyond that, there are many people who think about company organisation and culture. Octopus is hot on decentralisation, devolved authority, upside-down management, trust, freedom and responsibility. Blue chip strategy consultants, Boston Consulting Group immersed themselves in our way of working and we’d like to open this up to others. Even competitors :)