[EP66] Tony's Back! New Card Designs, 23/24 Strategy/Catch up

End Product [Sorare Football Podcast]

24-08-2023 • 1 hr 24 mins

Tony Watt is back with Stish & Quinny the guys have a lot of Sorare End Product to catch up on. We have a live reaction for the new sorare card designs for 23/24 - the 2D cards that will become 3D! Tony has a huge midweek on the cards with Galatasaray cards, and the guys get ready for a huge weekend of action where we have ALL THE FOOTBALL on! Like/Follow/Rate/Review & ALL THAT GOOD STUFF! ---- Video on @Quinny3001 on Youtube Live recording sessions are on twitch.tv/plastician ➡️Twitter: @Quinny3001 @Plastician @32watto / @equipeTW32 ➡️Twitch: /Plastician , /Quinny3001 ➡️Youtube: @Quinny3001 @Sorarestish @TonyWatt32 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ➡️Start Your Sorare club Today✅ using this link and you'll receive a FREE Limited card & Full Common Team: https://sorare.pxf.io/Quinny (T&C's apply) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 🚨NEW TO SORARE? START HERE!! https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLILJHfp_OZdMt_n-bBy2hc_geB6_Ar6MW--- #football #sorare