Episode 136: Taylor Caby Joins for a Discussion

Circles Off - Sports Betting Podcasts

11-01-2024 • 1 hr 17 mins

Rob Pizzola and Johnny from betstamp are joined by Co-Founder and CEO of Establish the Run, Taylor Caby. Taylor discusses professional poker, CardRunners, losing an edge, DFS, and starting Establish the Run! Looking to sign up at new sportsbooks? Support Circles Off when you do! www.betstamp.app/circlesoff 🟢 Subscribe to the main Hammer HQ YouTube channel for more sports betting content from our network: https://www.youtube.com/@UC9qYMaJLSFKr0TsWjNnJ9-A  🟢 Subscribe to the Forward Progress YouTube channel for more NFL betting content from our network: https://www.youtube.com/@UCnpHpDsquK4-cZBNZd_Km8A  🟢 Make sure to subscribe to the Circles Off YouTube channel for more strategic betting content and drop a like/rate five stars if you enjoyed Circles Off now Presented by Pinnacle ON TWITTER... Follow CirclesOff - https://twitter.com/CirclesOff Follow Rob - https://twitter.com/RobPizzola Follow betstamp - https://twitter.com/Betstamp Follow The Hammer - https://twitter.com/TheHammerHQ Follow Zack - https://twitter.com/zackphill Follow Taylor Caby - https://twitter.com/taylorcaby betstamp Discord - https://discord.gg/AyN5QakPhA SHOW INDEX... (00:00) Intro (03:55) Taylor Caby (08:45) CardRunners criticism (11:34) Poker to Business Transition (16:38) Taylor’s Poker Edge (19:36) Willingness to Learn (24:44) Establish the Run (34:14) Projections Process (38:31) Handling Criticism (42:29) Ethics of Touting (53:23) ETR Record Keeping (57:52) Fantasy Football Leagues (1:01:55) Making Adjustments (1:04:33) Entrepreneurial Advice (1:08:00) Plus EV / Negative EV (1:14:01) Advice to Younger Self If you want more from Rob Pizzola, Zack Phillips, and Johnny, check out the rest of their content on www.thehammer.bet NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, and so much more from some of the biggest content creators in the sports betting space. Whether it be strategies, picks, reactions, previews, or picks... we've got it all. #SportsBetting #Betting #betstamp #bettingtips #bettingstrategy #bettingstrategies #bettingadvice #gambling Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices