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Philadelphia super lawyers Pierre LaTour and Josh Scarpello have over 40 years experience as trial lawyers. Our experts have represented thousands of clients across Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Each episode they share experiences and insight about topics including the law, entertainment and sports. read less
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SAVE OUR SPORTS!: It's time to think outside the bubble
SAVE OUR SPORTS!: It's time to think outside the bubble
Will there be champions crowned in any of the four major professional sports leagues in 2020?  The Justice for All guys discuss how the NBA, NHL, Major League Baseball, and the NFL are faring in their bids to re-open major league sports.  Which model will work best, bubble or no bubble?  Will Major League Baseball be able to pull off a 60-game season plus an expanded playoff system?  In a season defined by the abnormal, now is the time for sports leagues to throw out the old playbook and re-think their “seasons”.  Pierre and Josh fix all the problems in major league sports in one informative broadcast. The new normal includes expanded rosters, a world series tournament and robot-umpires!Will any NBA team benefit from the layoff?  In the sprint to the end of the season, which team has the advantage?  Will Ben Simmons’ move to power forward work out for the 76ers? Who is the favorite to win the NBA title? The guys make NBA predictions for both leagues.PLUS: The guys talk about the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on collegiate sports.  Colleges across the country are deciding to open this fall offering virtual only classes.  The Ivy League announced in May that it was cancelling all sports leagues for the fall.  If students are not coming on campus, why should student athletes be required to play and earn money for their schools? All this and more on our twentieth episode!  Pass it on and become a subscriber!#justiceforall; WWW.PHILLYBESTDEFENSE.COM