30: The Beginning of the End of Tanya Time: A Tragedy

From Art to Zoe : Apocalypse

18-07-2021 • 20 mins

Art and Zoe have found footage of a day in the life of a zombie. But it isn't as cute and wonderful as it sounds. This week's episode is truly based on a story. None of the content you will hear was created by Art and Zoe, nor any other fictional characters who themselves would technically have been created by someone else. The content may be disturbing to some listeners who are incapable of separately reality from fiction, though, of course, no swear words were used. Listener discretion is advised.

Special guest star Iryna Mendez as the voice of Tanya. Check out Iryna's other creative work on Instagram @paperstreetportraits.

As always, email Zoe @FromArtToZoe@gmail.com for your listener mail or to join the story at any time.

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