"You Know What I Hate?"... Pundit edition

Painted Trash: An LGBTQ+ Podcast of Hilarious Discourse

15-02-2024 • 58 mins

Welcome to Episode 175!  The political cycle is marching on with special elections to replace ousted Congress folk, the next POTUS session, new laws and policies, etc.  There's a lot to keep up on and a lot of it ain't good.  That's why this week, Casey & Mark are discussing the current state of politics and having a bit of fun debating over their not-so favorite points in the world of punditry.

To kick of the week,  Casey is bring the chill and Mark is bringing the heat in this week's Trash Pick-Up.  Casey is in the thick of his winter athletic season and Mark has returned from seeing an icon for the 2nd time.   This edition's Trash Talk topics include; a Tennessee town finds themselves in court while trying to end Pride events in their town for 2024, a political candidate loses at the polls to other interesting auditions, a woman who has a real passion for texting, and a woman has excuses when pulled over by law enforcement.

All this and recommendations too!

So getcha some tasty port vintage, grab all the colors, and pull up a seat at the table with your GBFs.  It's time to paint!

Let The Boys of Painted Trash know your thoughts on this week's topics and episode! What street festivals do you attend? Do you like street fests? What is your favorite festival??

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