Welcome to Episode 174!  Well... it's been a week!  This week's episode wasn't an easy one to get together for you, but with Linda's hard work met with Casey & Mark ensuring quality content is filling your streams - here is the fruits bore from their commitment to you!  This week The Boys are delving into a bit of what seems like gay history but is it possible it's in this, 2024, the year of our Lord & Savior!

In case you missed it, law enforcement raided at least 2 gay bars in the Seattle area on one weekend.  Mixed information was provided as to the reasoning for these raids, which coincidentally resulted in gay bars being "inspected" despite no underage drinking nor violence.  The gay and queer community is recalling trauma from the bar raids of just a few decades ago where many patrons were arrested, jailed, and outed regularly.  Many in the local community pointing out further harm in the relations between law enforcement and the queer community as well as further discrimination and negative profiling,  It's trash in 2024 and Mark & Casey are spilling all the tea.

This week kicks off with a discussion of a new theater piece receiving a major premiere production in Chicago. Trash Talk topics include the Grammys -- the performances, the award recipients, and piping hot tea from the biggest night in music recording arts,  And, of course, The Boys are giving you their recommendations (or wreck-o-mendations)!

The Boys are firing on all cylinders this week!  So pour yourself some tasty port vintage, check your diaper, and pull up a set with your GBFFs. It's Time To Paint!!


Let The Boys of Painted Trash know your thoughts on this week's topics and episode! What street festivals do you attend? Do you like street fests? What is your favorite festival??

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