Nurturing Young Minds: Insights Into Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health

A Flourishing Start: The ABCs of Child & Family Well-being

21-11-2023 • 37 mins

Join our host, Esmeralda Cortez Rosales, in an enlightening conversation with two inspiring mothers and professionals.

Meet Cindy, an administrative assistant at La Clinica de la Raza and mother to three-year-old Jorge, alongside Kathryn Hallinan Aguilar, a new mom and seasoned marriage and family therapist. With over eight years in early childhood mental health and her current roles at UCSF's Center for Advancing Dyadic Care in Pediatrics, Kathryn brings a wealth of expertise to our discussion.

In this episode, we delve into crucial topics for every parent and caregiver:

[01:30] Mastering Emotional Expression: Teach your child to express their emotions safely.

[09:07] Understanding Early Mental Health: Explore the fundamentals of infant and early childhood mental health.

[15:15] Cindy’s Experience Breaking Generational Patterns: Explore the one thing a child needs.

[22:01] The Role of Dyadic Care: Unpack the concept of dyadic care and its importance.

[29:00] Calming Techniques: Learn effective strategies to help your child find calmness and reset their nervous system.

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