Introducing A Flourishing Start: The ABCs of Child & Family Well-being

A Flourishing Start: The ABCs of Child & Family Well-being

14-11-2023 • 1 min

It seems like everyone is talking about mental health and well-being, but a unique group has been pushed aside for far too long: zero to five-year-olds and their families. Join A Flourishing Start Podcast, a guilt and shame-free online community, to be in conversation with other parents and to learn scientific and cultural-based information about early childhood mental health from professional experts. This is a community where you will finally feel like you belong; we laugh, we cry, and together, we learn how to build a flourishing start for our youngest humans.

About 90% of our brain growth occurs in the first five years, making zero to five-year-old children critical to include in conversations around mental health and well-being. The series will touch on subjects that include trauma, developmental challenges, emotional distress and other sensitive areas. A Flourishing Start Podcast honors the sacred connection between young children and their families. Let's take young children and their families to the forefront of the conversation and learn about the ABCs of child and family well-being.

Tune in for our very first episode next Tuesday!

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