The Turnout with GK Barry

Bauer Media

GK Barry's on a mission - to get young voters to turn out for the 2024 UK General Election...

At 24, GK always votes, but some of her best friends don't, in fact only around 50% of young people bother taking part in general elections... so what needs to happen for that to change?

In this podcast, GK talks to young voters, campaigners, and politicians, exploring issues like housing, childcare, and what truly motivates people to vote. Tune in for her journey leading up to the election, with episodes on KISS and her social media.

Lead Producer – Henrietta Harrison

Producer – Molly Carter

Exec Producer – Mick Coyle

Director of Visual Content – Briony Casey

Social Media Producers - Cassidy Rebelo and Hannah Mylrea

Chief Creative Officer – Lucie Cave

Artwork and Design - Ben Watkins

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