BONUS: The Podcast Show London 2024

Podcasting People

24-05-2024 • 16 mins

This is a bonus episode from producer Gareth, featuring soundbites from the London Podcast Show 2024. The episode includes insights and experiences from podcast creators, exhibitors, and industry professionals:


Andy Marshall - Our Media

Rachel Richards - Teenagers Untangled

Victoria Elizabeth Turnbull - MIC Media

Steph Fuccio - Coffeelike Media

Kim Kerton - Unemployed & Afraid

Elli Ajao - Debut Productions

Kirsten McKenzie - Scotland’s Women

Oliver Moore - Warbler Audio

Tim Steemson - Composer

Ruth Barnes - Chalk & Blade

Giles Gear - The Telegraph

Sam Sethi - TrueFans


Toby West - PodLife Events

Sam - BBC Sounds

Liam Burke - Broadcast Radio

Jeremy - Podcasthon

Nik Williams - Black Cat Music

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This podcast is produced and edited at The Sound Boutique by Gareth Davies.

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