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It’s Raining Frogs!

Today In History with The Retrospectors

30-06-2021 • 9 mins

When marine amphibians fall from the sky, people tend to notice. So it was on 30th June, 1892 - when it reportedly rained FROGS in the Birmingham suburb of Moseley.

Multiple accounts of animal rain - now thought to be caused by tornadoes sweeping up creatures as they traverse local water sources - can be found as far back as ancient Roman literature, and throughout the medieval era.

In this episode, Arion, Rebecca and Olly consider the Biblical resonance of froggy-drops, discover the “Miss ‘Rain of Fish’” competition in Latin America, and work out why it’s said to be ‘raining cats and dogs’, when it literally never is...

Further Reading:

  • ‘Nine Times Animals Rained Down From The Sky’, from World List’s YouTube channel (2018):
  • ‘It's raining birds and frogs: Animal phenomena are surprisingly common but why do they happen?’ (Independent, 2011):
  • More on ‘Miss Lluvia De Peces’ (All That’s Interesting, 2019):

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