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David Calderon

Welcome to The Geeky Gentleman, the podcast where stylish geeks & pop culture enthusiasts can listen to everything that is happening within this geeky world of ours such as Marvel & DC film / TV updates, pop culture, video games, comic books, etc. & be inspired to achieve your own level of gentleman status with my personal tips on men's fashion & grooming! read less

Our Editor's Take

The Geeky Gentleman | Men's Fashion | Geeky News podcast has a unique angle. It merges two main genres—fashion and comic pop culture. Anyone looking for movie recaps and male fashion tips may find the podcast helpful. The Marvel Cinematic Universe, beard care, skincare, and more all get explored. Podcast topics like "the best tinted moisturizers" exist alongside subplots in Spider-Man movies. The podcast has elements of pop culture, personal grooming routines, and comic geekery. Part whimsical, part serious, it could be the well-rounded entertainment podcast some seek.

Self-proclaimed "huge geek" and "fashion wanderer" David Calderon hosts The Geeky Gentleman. The Texas-born content creator living in London elevated his style when he moved to the UK. David shares many insights about clothing, hair, and skincare regimens on the show. He gives film and fashion updates with such ease that listeners will likely trust his expertise. He is a video game and movie enthusiast with an undeniable appeal. David started the podcast in 2019, and the first episode explores the X-Men's entry into Marvel.

Episodes begin with David recapping or discussing a movie, TV show, or franchise. Then he begins the fashion and lifestyle segment. In one episode, David addresses wearing tweed in Spring and The Taskmaster. He discusses the comic book origins of the Black Widow bad guy. The host also shares five top tweed jacket brands in the same episode. In another episode, the host discusses the types of beards that complement different face shapes. Reviews of skincare products are available in some episodes, while others rank movies. Films based on comic books or video games are also addressed on the podcast.

A listener seeking a cinema news podcast or one that offers advice on buying new clothes may find a listen here. David's creativity on The Geeky Gentleman's | Men's Fashion | Geeky News podcast is commendable. His tone, humor, and fashion know-how make the show a fun listen. Most of the podcast's episodes are between seven to fifteen minutes long.

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