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Christian Podcast * Generational Wealth * Christian Business & Online Marketing * Kingdom Business Welcome to ”The Gifted Entrepreneur Show”, where we explore the world of Christian entrepreneurship and reveal secrets to unlocking the C.O.D.E.S. to create Generational Wealth. As a Christian entrepreneur, you may have felt like creating wealth was a far-off dream, but we’re here to tell you that it’s possible and within reach. Through case studies and interviews with successful Christian entrepreneurs from diverse industries, we’ll reveal the mindsets, character, behaviors, and success principles that have elevated them to a position of creating generational wealth. We delve into the stories of those who have embraced entrepreneurship as a means to honor God, impact lives, and change communities. Guests include world-renowned singers, songwriters, producers, business innovators, pastors, and creative trailblazers. We’re shifting the culture of how Christian entrepreneurs build wealth and inspiring others to do it God’s way. In each episode of ’The Gifted Entrepreneur Show,’ LaDondra Hervey shares her personal experiences, strategic insights, and wisdom gained from years of serving women from around the world as a Christian Business Coach. ’The Gifted Entrepreneur Show’ is more than a podcast; it’s a transformative experience that will inspire you to take bold steps, believe in your unique gifts, and pursue your entrepreneurial dreams with unwavering faith. Join us as we model how to create generational wealth God’s way and help you realize your potential as a gifted entrepreneur. Get ready to binge listen your way into creating generational wealth! Next Steps: 1) Join the Kingdom Collaborators Network 2) Take the GIFTED Place Assessment 3) Watch the Generational Wealth C.O.D.E.S. Masterclass Visit the website: IG @ladondrahervey | FB @theladondrahervey Email Us: read less


How To Scale A Christian Business From The Inside Out - Krystal Parker
How To Scale A Christian Business From The Inside Out - Krystal Parker
How To Scale A Christian Business From The Inside Out - Krystal Parker Scaling your Christian Business goes beyond the tactical actions of applying a skill. In fact skillset can only get you so far, and sometimes further into places you didn't intend to be -- like growing out of alignment with the people and things that brings you the most fulfillment. In today's episode US Christian Chamber of Commerce President, Krystal Parker shares personal success tips that have helped her Scale her Christian Business From the Inside Out!   Krystal Parkers Bio:   One of my favorite parts of this episode is Krystal's transparency about her journey of reaching the pinnacle of success, and the shifts she had to make to reconnect with God, herself, and her daughter as she redefined what Kingdom Success really looks like! We discussed what it looks like to build a business from a place of sorrow versus building from God to inherit the blessings He promised. There's so much more so get ready to take great notes!   USCCC SWC Business Expo 2024 - Hosted by Krystal Parker April 17th- 20th 2024 Kingdom + Business = Global Conference and Expo You cannot afford to miss!     HOW TO WORK WITH US:  For businesses earning 6 figures in revenue book a call here: Next Level 12 month Mastermind     For multi 6-figure and 7-figure business owners who are ready to scale book a call here:     Social Media   IG: @ladondrahervey     ||    FB:@theladondrahervey      Contact: Website: