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Our Editor's Take

The Brooke and Jeffrey podcast is a talk-based show with lots of laughs. Like a radio show, this podcast has discussions infused with sound effects. That's because it comes from Brooke & Jeffrey In The Morning. That is a nationally syndicated morning show based in Seattle. The show's main cohosts are Brooke Fox and Jeffrey Dubow, aka Young Jeffrey. They keep the energy silly and lighthearted. Jose Bolanos and Alexis Fuller add to the laughter. Inviting other friends on the podcast adds to the discussion and merriment.

The Brooke and Jeffrey episodes have many recurring segments that bring hilarity to the podcast. In Phone Tap segments, they prank call people and enact crazy bits, like when peaches took nine lives. They hear from breakfast bar bandits and frisky kittens. "Laser Stories is a segment that shares strange stories from all over the world. They read outlandish revenge stories and react to them together. Textual Healing offers dating advice. This segment helps listeners come up with funny responses to potential suitors.

The podcast hosts help with flirting, dating questions, and backstabbing best friends. Masked Speaker allows a hidden caller to join the show and shout out to special people in their lives. In Care or Don't Care segments, they talk about news stories as usual, but this time it takes a turn. The hosts only have to listen to the stories if they care about the headline.

This podcast is complete with fun, surprises, and entertainment. It indulges in ultimate trivia games, like "Today Versus Back in the Day." This particular trivia episode is a battle between generations. Listeners can win "Brooke's bucks" and discuss missed connections. The podcast gives away concert tickets to listeners and indulges in Young Jeffrey's song of the week. The episode "Whatcha Doin' at the Andrea Bocelli Concert" sends some of the Brooke and Jeffrey team to review the concert. With a shock collar question of the day, the podcast puts a fun twist on everything.

The Brooke and Jeffrey podcast focuses on making life amusing. Listeners can download either full-show episodes or separate segments each day.

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