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Our Editor's Take

The Amanpour podcast delivers for listeners seeking detailed analyses of critical international issues. Hosting the podcast is Christiane Amanpour, CNN's chief international anchor. This is the podcast version of the TV show by the same name. She interviews reporters, experts, and prisoners-anyone who can provide context to an issue. Her main goal is to promote human rights on her podcast. Often, she invites other notable journalists to guest host the program.

Amanpour gives listeners insight into current news. But the podcast also creates emotional accessibility through a human lens. For example, in one episode, Amanpour shares the "saddest, bravest, most compelling interview" she's ever done. In it, she receives a phone call from Siamak Namazi. The Iranian-American has spent several years imprisoned in Tehran. He pleads with President Biden on the podcast. Namazi's father was also imprisoned but released for medical reasons.

Senator John McCain's widow, Cindy McCain, joins Amanpour. In her episode, she shares about and supports McCain's legacy. She discusses wounded warriors and military suicide. They also talk about the crisis of human trafficking. McCain says labor trafficking is as rampant as sex trafficking.

In one episode, Emily Bazelon of The New York Times Magazine talks about criminal justice. Listeners learn about the effects of mass incarceration. Bazelon presents a statistical discrepancy between violent crime and prison. She notes America's incarceration rates are higher than any other country's.

James Lasden of The New Yorker also joins Amanpour. In this episode, he shares his informed opinions on the Alex Murdaugh trial. Lasden expresses surprise at the jury's three-day deliberation. He shares why he expected a hung jury and how Murdaugh's testimony influenced jurors. The episode analyzes people's fixation on criminal trials.

Steven Levy, Editor-at-Large of WIRED, reveals predictions about AI. Guest host Walter Isaacson asks a chatbot to define chatbots and write a poem. Isaacson talks about thewriter who received a love profession from a chatbot.

The Amanpour podcast discusses relevant international affairs with urgency and compassion. Amanpour asks no insignificant questions. Each question has answers listeners need to hear.

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A clandestine war erupts into the open
A clandestine war erupts into the open
We begin the show with the wider war nobody wants and the chain reaction playing out in the Middle East. With Israel and Iran’s decades-long shadow war now playing out in the open, the rules of engagement are being completely re-written. Christiane spoke to Britain’s former top spy John Sawers about the volatile situation. Meanwhile, in the absence of vital US aid for Ukraine, other allies are stepping in to fill the vacuum. The Czech Republic is now leading an international effort to deliver a million and a half artillery shells to Ukraine within a year. Czech President Petr Pavel - a former army general, and senior NATO official – joins Christiane from Prague. The world's biggest democratic exercise is underway in India as nearly a billion eligible voters decide whether Prime Minister Narendra Modi deserves a third term. CNN’s Will Ripley explains what’s at stake for this crucial US ally. Ukrainian Maestro Oksana Lyniv is a classical music trailblazer with a passion for conducting shaped by her life and the war in her homeland. Christiane met her at the New York Metropolitan Opera. From the Amanpour Archive this week, we revisit Christiane’s conversations with the stakeholders at the center of the aborted 2015 nuclear deal, which would have reshaped the Middle East as we know it. And, with military aid locked up in congress, Ukraine’s air defense crisis deepens by the day and Putin is pressing the advantage. Christiane asks Donald Trump's former Defense Secretary Mark Esper if he thinks GOP holdouts have fallen victim to Putin’s propaganda. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
‘Not another nickel’ for Israel's war
‘Not another nickel’ for Israel's war
Every week more and more Democrats are expressing frustration with American policy on Israel and the war in Gaza. Some heavyweights, including former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, are now even joining the call for the U.S. to stop arms transfers to Israel. Senator Bernie Sanders has been one of the loudest voices on this issue. At 82 years old, he manages to be the voice of young liberals, and warns that if President Biden doesn't change tack on the Israel war, and doesn’t expand his economic policy for working families, he could lose in November. Senator Sanders joins Christiane from Washington. Then, the unbelievable life story of the newly elected New York City Council Member Yusef Salaam. He was just 15 when he, and four other teens, were falsely accused of raping a jogger in central park in 1989. The media went all-out, assuming their guilt and the group became known as the "Central Park Five.” Salaam spent nearly seven years in prison for a crime he didn't commit. He and the others were exonerated after the real perpetrator confessed and submitted DNA to prove it. But Salaam refused to be beaten by bitterness, and began this year being sworn in as the councilor for Harlem. He speaks with Christiane about all of it as they sit down together in Manhattan. This Sunday marks a decade since terror became reality in Chibok, Nigeria, sparking a global cry to 'bring back our girls', when nearly 300 innocent students were kidnapped by Boko Haram militants. Many of those taken have yet to return home. And kidnapping has become a recurring horror in the country. Now, CNN’s Stephanie Busari takes us to where tragedy unfolded, as part of CNN’s ongoing series on gender inequality called As Equals. Also in this week's show, Bill Weir, CNN’s Chief Climate Correspondent who has spent years covering our warming planet, says there is still room for hope, despite all the despair surrounding climate change. His book , ‘Life as we know it (can be)’, goes on sale on April 16th. He joins Christiane in New York. From the Amanpour Archive: With war raging in Gaza, the Israeli Palestinian conflict may feel more intractable than ever. Peace may feel like a distant possibility. But there was a time when Northern Ireland felt like that too. After decades of brutal sectarian conflict and terrorist violence, its leaders and its people bravely chose peace. And this week they celebrated 26 years since the Good Friday Agreement that secured it. It remains one of the United States' greatest diplomatic triumphs as President Bill Clinton and Senator George Mitchell brokered the talks. Along with British Prime minister tony Blair and Irish Prime Minister Bertie Ahern, and of course Northern Irish leaders themselves, they got the deal over the line. And last year, on its 25th anniversary Christiane travelled to Belfast to speak to Clinton, Blair, and Ahern. A peacemaker’s reunion. We revisit some of that historic conversation. We end the hour with a little opera for the soul. And a history making show at the Met in New York. “Fire Shut Up In My Bones” by the Grammy-award winning trumpeter Terence Blanchard, made history as the first work by a Black composer at the Metropolitan Opera in its 138-year history. And now it's back. Christiane went to the Metropolitan Opera House to meet him. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Is Israel any safer after six months of war?
Is Israel any safer after six months of war?
This weekend marks six months since the most deadly attack in Israel’s history roiled the region and the world. On October 7th 2023, hundreds of Hamas fighters poured across the border from Gaza, killing 1,200 people and kidnapping some 250 men, women and children. Of the remaining hostages, 130 are still missing, with 34 of them presumed dead. Yyocheved Lifschitz and her husband Oded were just two of the Israelis taken captive. In an unforgettable moment seen around the world, Yocheved bid Shalom to her masked captor when she became one of the first Israelis to be released. But six months on, her 83-year-old husband's whereabouts and condition are unknown. Their daughter, Sharone Lifschitz, joins the show. Then, he’s dubbed the Jon Stewart of the Arab world. Bassem Youssef is an Egyptian satirist forced into exile after years mocking his country’s ruling elite. After rebuilding his life and public image as an American citizen, the heart surgeon-turned comedian has found a new focus for his increasingly dark sense of humor - the bloodshed in Gaza. He took time out from his stand-up world tour to speak with Christiane. From the Amanpour Archive: 30 years ago this week, the Rwanda genocide shocked the world. The West's inaction would become a stain on human history, despite repeated warnings from those on the ground. Christiane explains how a general's desperate pleas for help were ignored, as more than 800,000 people were slaughtered. The countdown is on as total eclipse mania shifts into high gear in North America. But despite best laid plans, it could be hit-or-miss for millions of people if mother nature spoils the show. CNN Space Correspondent Kristin Fisher explains how science is set to meet spiritualism on Monday. In our Letter from London this week, the musical that unleashed an ABBA-lanche on London's West End, and lit up hundreds of cities around the world. "Mamma Mia!" just passed a quarter-century milestone, making it one of London's longest running musicals of all time. Christiane asks the show's creator-producer Judy Craymer why audiences just can't get enough. We end the hour with a milestone birthday. Jane Goodall, the world’s foremost expert on chimpanzees, turned 90 this week. Her pioneering research in the 1960s in a male-dominated field revolutionized primatology, when she documented chimps making and using tools in the wild. We revisit Christiane’s 2017 interview with Goodall, as they reflect on her remarkable life and legacy. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Putin’s pawns in the high-stakes game of hostage diplomacy
Putin’s pawns in the high-stakes game of hostage diplomacy
We begin this hour with Putin’s political pawns, and the dangerous hostage diplomacy at play in the Kremlin. It’s now a year since the Wall Street Journal reporter Evan Gershkovich became the first American journalist detained on espionage charges since the Cold War. Evgenia Kara-Murza, the wife of jailed Russian dissident Vladimir Kara-Murza, discusses the fight to free Russia's political prisoners.  In a significant sign of growing dissent inside the Biden camp over the Gaza crisis, US State Department staffer Annelle Sheline resigned in protest this week. She tells Christiane why her job to advocate for human rights had become impossible.   Then, Zahiro-Shahar Mor, whose elderly uncle is still captive in Gaza, accuses the Israeli government of misleading the public, and failing the remaining hostages.  Meanwhile, Elon Musk’s Starlink internet satellite system has become vital to Ukrainian troops, especially its drone pilots. But now it’s being used against them by Russian soldiers, who were never meant to have access to it. CNN's Nick Paton Walsh investigates how Russia appears to be bypassing US sanctions.  From the Amanpour Archive this week, Christiane's 2015 interview with Gloria Steinem, whose tireless advocacy and undercover journalism made her a global feminist icon.  And finally, after seeing his family's home destroyed in Gaza, and fleeing one bombing after another, Palestinian poet Mosab Abu Toha eventually found refuge in Egypt with his wife and children. Christiane asks Mosab to read a poem inspired by the life and home he left behind.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit