Launching Our Built Heritage

Our Built Heritage

05-06-2024 • 5 mins

Hello and welcome to Our Built Heritage with myself Alexis Nicolaidis.

This podcast is for anyone interested in historic buildings. This could be a traditional cottage, a Victorian terrace, a Georgian manor house or even a stately home. Whether it is listed or not, they are all special and interesting and part of Our Built Heritage.

As a heritage interior designer, I am obsessed by our built heritage and what makes a building special. That could be the setting, interior and exterior details, who lived there, how it evolved and so on and this is before I get in to designing spaces where feelings, emotions, requirements for the space and the history combine with the more physical products and a client’s needs that make up a space.

I will be speaking to like-minded people who work in the industry or own a traditional and/or listed property to share their experiences with working with an older property. We will talk about how they got into their industry, the spirit of a place and why it is important along with any top tips they have to help you if you are embarking on a project and we may even dispel a myth or two.

It is a must for anyone embarking on a project or has an interest in Our Built Heritage.

Guests will include:

  • heritage consultants,
  • heritage planning consultants,
  • architects,
  • property owners and estate managers,
  • artisan suppliers,
  • retrofit experts,
  • archaeologists,
  • specialist craftspeople,
  • site managers

and the list goes on.

From speaking with the amazing guests, it has broadened my view on working with buildings and I have expanded on my knowledge.  I am a firm believer that every day is a school day and there is always more to learn and/or have a memory refresh.

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