The Stress Less Wedding Show

Helen Davies

Most couples who are planning a wedding feel daunted by the amount of work involved. This feeling is compounded if you have busy social lives and hectic work schedules. If you are embarking on your own wedding planning journey but don’t know where to start, this podcast is designed to help you. Join wedding expert, Helen Davies as she breaks the wedding planning process down into easy to follow and manageable steps. In each episode, Helen aims to make things much easier for you. By listening, you’ll gain access to the inside track on each and every element of a wedding and what it takes to create your perfect day, minus the stress!
6. Why Are Brides Given Away?5. Why Are Wedding Dresses White?4. What Makes a Winning Wedding Venue?3. Who Should You Invite To Your Wedding?2. Wedding Planning - How Long Does It Take?1. Counting the Cost of Wedding PlanningTrailer - The Stress Less Wedding Planning Show