Chosen One vs The Washed King

Inside Outer

13-03-2022 • 36 mins

LeBron is on his GOAT shit again and has dropped another 50-burger! Join Gus and Lemons as we discuss LeBron's historic performance and also look at the ever developing playoff race in the Eastern Conference. Are the Nets the favourite to win the East? Will James Harden ever escape his reputation as small game player? Who would win a 7 game series, the 03/04 Cavs or the 21/22 Lakers? We also take our usual look at the greatest team of all time and discuss Melbourne United's chances at repeating as champs despite the recent hurdles. If you like what you're hearing, let us know by giving us a like, review, rate and subscribe wherever you receive the podcast. If you have any Qs you'd like us to address, send them in to or contact us anywhere on social media.