Hiring and Managing Contractors with Brandon Cobb

Ice Cream with Investors

02-05-2022 • 37 mins

When Brandon was let go from his lucrative medical sales job, he had to figure out want to do. In a few short years, Brandon was able to start and scale a vertically integrated real estate business. From wholesaling to new construction, Brandon talks to us about how he was able to turn a bad event into massive success. Guest Bio Brandon is a licensed and bonded General Contractor in TN managing $10 Million of new development annually. He was featured on the cover of REI Wealth magazine, and has been quoted in Forbes magazine. Brandon is an active owner of an umbrella of companies in the real estate space. His company HBG Holdings provides investors with superior risk adjusted returns and downside principal protection backed by real assets In the Single Family market while his company HBG Capital thrives in large Multifamily acquisition. HBG Holding’s construction arm, HBG Construction, executes ground up new developments, land development, and residential property rehabilitation. Guest Links - https://www.linkedin.com/in/brandon-cobb-83524a54/ - https://www.hbgcapital.net/