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Gwen Rose

Hello! I am 10 year old Gwen Rose. I wanted to do this podcast so all the girls, boys and me could learn about what in different jobs really get up to at work all day. Join me in uncovering what the jobs we think we know about are actually like, and discovering some we had never thought about before. Let's get to work!

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The Art Publisher (Mothers Day Special)
The Art Publisher (Mothers Day Special)
Mother's Day Special! Gwen talks to her Mum about what she really does all day while Gwen is at school.She learns that there is more to her Mum's job than she realised, and that being a Mum is a proper actual job too.If you are lucky enough to have each other and be together, why don't you ask your Mum what she does all day when you aren't with her, whether that is a paid job or being a brilliant full-time Mummy! You might be surprised!We also hope everyone enjoys hearing all about the world of print publishing and selling art online.A lot of young people want to work in the art world, and it can be hard to make that happen. Gwen's Mum chose to give up her dream of being a painter to find a job that paid her a salary and it took a long time to find her way back to the industry she loved. We hope that this episode gives other creatives some hope and inspiration. Things don't always go the way you planned; but with a few twists and turns, an open mind,  and a bit of luck, you might just end up doing something else you love!---Through her Gwen Gets To Work podcast, Gwen gets finds out about what different adults do all day at work, and how they got there. Visit our website for past episodes and videos: us out! Gwen is fundraising for some better equipment so that she can get out and about and interview adults in their places of work. Here is her Go Fund Me link.An Enigma Media Production: Gets To Work uses Buzzprout and we think it is a really user-friendly platform for new and seasoned podcasters. Use Buzzsprout to launch your podcast!Support the show