We Are All A Bit Mental

Sauce Productions Ltd

A chat show where we aim to question, challenge and explore the rather wonderfully complex, and often slippery subject of mental health. Join us as we all laugh and cry together over honest frank discussion, true stories and music. Delivered by hosts and guests alike that are prepared to share their stories and are not afraid to show their vulnerability. Your 4 hosts are, Brandon Block: DJ, stress management, goal mapping coach. Chesney Hawkes: Singer, Songwriter, Musician Lynn Ferguson: Writer, Actress, Comedian Neil Harrington: Writer, DJ, Producer Please get in touch and share your stories. hello@weareallabitmental.com All music used in the show has been officially licensed

Episode 000: Trailer. Launching Feb 2021Episode 001: IntroductionEpisode 003: Thank YouEpisode 002: What's in a name ?Episode 004: Food Glorious Food Part 1Episode 005: Food Glorious Food Part 2Episode 006: How Long Is A Footlong ?Episode 007: Celebrate Good TimesEpisode 008: Stop the bus, I wanna get off !Episode 009: The Art Of Not Giving A Fu** !Episode 010: ChangeS2: Ep:000: Trailer. Launching 29.07.21S2: Episode 001: Hippo What ?S2: Episode 002: Too Extreme ?S2: Episode 003: Who do you think you are ?S2: Episode 004: Keep on RollingS2: Episode 005: Comfy KnickersS2: Episode 006: The ShamankaS2: Episode 007: What Is Normal ?S2: Episode 008: Sale Now On. Everything Reduced !