George's Random Astronomical Object

George Bendo

George's Random Astronomical Object is a biweekly astronomy podcast featuring science discussions about astronomical objects at randomly selected locations in the sky. The wide range of topics discussed in the show include stars, variable stars, variable variable stars, supermassive black holes, ultracool dwarf stars, exoplanets, howler monkeys, infrared radiation, acronyms, more acronyms, starbursts, measurements of less than 20 parsecs, jellyfish galaxies, diffuse ionized gas, and general overall weirdness.
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Object 1: Not the Pope
8 mins
Object 1: Not the PopeObject 2: Variable VariabilityObject 3: Room TemperatureObject 4: A Damp Lyman Alpha ElephantObject 5: Some Unexpected HeliumObject 6: Extra PeculiarObject 7: Circles within CirclesObject 8: A Misbehaving LIRGObject 9: A Cruise Holiday with a Peculiar Carbon StarObject 10: Ram Your JellyfishObject 11: Howling Fast Differential RotationObject 12: Watching Infrared Paint DryObject 13: Stellar Companion Facial ReconstructionObject 14: Exoplanetary Acronym 103bObject 15: Calibrated VariabilityObject 16: Playing Golf on the MoonObject 17: Confusing UObject 18: 0.2 Seconds of Gamma RaysObject 19: Probably Not the Y2K BugObject 20: A Classic Non-Comet