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Vampires in the Attic | Curse of Strahd Ep. 13
Vampires in the Attic | Curse of Strahd Ep. 13
As the other half of the party waits within the Church of St. Andral, Kellum hears a familiar voice that tells him they need to have a "chat" as he falls unconcious to the floor. Not sure what has happened to him, the party decides it's best to regroup at the tavern where he can be better watched as the rest of the party investigates the coffin maker's shop. Inside the tavern, they see an unusual visitor within that looks like a bird-person and know they are not of Barovia. After they introduce and question this new traveler, they learn that they are named Hawke and is an adventurer like them. Hawke is then invited along to their investigation of this shop with Ellie, Emery, and Victor while Ireena (Bella), Percy, and Three stay back to watch over Kellum. Arriving at the coffin-maker's shop, they learn that the owner is being held hostage by a group of vampires on the second floor - they group decides a plan of action and Emery sets it into motion by slicing her hand to entice the vampires out by her blood. Ellie lights up the entire room with sunlight as everyone makes their attacks. Will they make it out alive and what mysterious visitor has Kellum? Watch Us LIVE! Over on Twitch: Merch ► Follow Us! Patreon ► Twitter ► Discord ► Instagram ► All Socials ►