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Host, Stephanie Reese is an internationally acclaimed singer and actress who brings a lifetime of global experiences that inspire connecting conversations.

Her thoughtful interviews with celebrities and spectacular people from around the world reveal the extraordinary in the ordinary and explore what makes us all citizens of the world.

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The Extraordinary Thing About Vinyl Records, Pinball and Singing for a Cause!
The Extraordinary Thing About Vinyl Records, Pinball and Singing for a Cause!
Send us a Text Message.Today we are doing a super fun dive into husband to the show, Matthew Coates, his love of vinyl, and pop up shop Big Dawg Records on Bainbridge Island! It’s opening Black Friday through Xmas! How Matthew’s collection went from one Kiss album to over 20,000 albums! How pinball king and future guest retired NBA player Todd MacCulloch found a connection with Matthew’s love of vinyl with pinball!  Also a HUGE announcement: Stephanie is going on tour to Germany, and then doing a show on the island; ‘The Gift of Giving’ to raise money to feed children in the Philippines in cooperation with feed2succeed.  Find out about how Stephanie fell in love with this amazing organization and how we can all change lives through music and awareness. Guests include Big Dawg Records business partner Allison Poh, Stephanie’s sister’s sister in law Yuki Moxon and of course husband to the show Matthew Coates.  If you would like to donate to feed2succeed go here: you would like to follow Big Dawg records go here: Bainbridge Island Vinyl Record Store BIG DAWG RECORDS here: https://www.bigdawgrecords.comPlease like, subscribe and write us!!!"Space Jazz" Kevin MacLeod ( under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License the Show.Follow me FacebookFollow me on YoutubeFollow me on Instagram