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Our Editor's Take

The First Move with Julia Chatterley podcast delivers the latest business news daily. Host Julia Chatterley is a CNN International anchor and correspondent. Julia does most episodes from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. This is the podcast version of her daily TV show. Each episode lasts under an hour and starts with the top business news impacting the US and beyond. News reports include how the global market is faring and the state of interest rates. Julia questions financial experts to bring listeners all the details.

From business news to feature interviews, Julia invites guests to join her for an extensive conversation. First Move with Julia Chatterley has some superstar celebrities. One such discussion is with serial entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson. Sir Richard found fame as the founder of the Virgin Group. Julia talks to him about his love of discovering and creating new things. According to him, it isn't making money that drives him. His ability to enter new sectors and find ways to help others keeps him going.

In another compelling episode of First Move with Julia Chatterley, she has an even bigger-named guest. Amazon's Jeff Bezos also talks about helping other people. He claims he wants to donate most of his fortune throughout his lifetime. He also discusses the topics of space, climate change, and life at home.

This show also has extensive financial coverage. Joining Julia to discuss the performance of retail stocks is economist Jeremy Siegel. Plus, Yum! CEO David Gibbs shares insights into the world of retail. He reveals how franchisees are opening new stores every two hours. This incredible growth he attributes to the impact of technology.

Other guests include political scientist Ian Bremmer. He discusses everyone's ability to underestimate Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Another interview on the same topic is with Gen. Wesley Clark, who used to be part of NATO. He shares the importance of presenting a united front to Russia.

With such experts, listeners can enjoy extra insights into the main topics daily. Fans of great interviews may want to check out First Move with Julia Chatterley.

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