Portfolio Review Pro: A Game-Changer for Mutual Fund Investors

Prime Podcast by PrimeInvestor

12-08-2023 • 26 mins

In this special sixth episode of the Prime Podcast, join us as we unveil a new powerful tool Portfolio Review Pro, our latest offering that transforms portfolio management for mutual fund investors. Our founders, Srikanth Meenakshi, Bhavana Acharya, and Vidya Bala, take you on a journey to explore the power of Portfolio Review Pro and its profound impact on your investment strategy. Srikanth Meenakshi sets the stage by introducing Portfolio Review Pro, delving into what it is and the unique problem it solves for investors. Discover the simplicity of this game-changing tool that enables you to effortlessly review your live mutual fund portfolio, eliminating the need for manual uploads or downloading yet another app.

Bhavana Acharya then dives into the transformative benefits that Portfolio Review Pro offers investors. Gain insights into the consolidated view of your funds, a snapshot of portfolio characteristics, and expert research opinions that guide you toward informed decisions, and finally, Vidya Bala sheds light on Portfolio Review Pro's unparalleled features, including a portfolio score that instills confidence. Vidya emphasizes how this tool empowers you to take action on your portfolio, providing insights into asset allocation, concentration, portfolio risk, and more.

Portfolio Review Pro empowers you to make informed decisions and optimize your investment strategy. Embark on a path of financial enlightenment and start maximizing the potential of your investments with Portfolio Review Pro. Explore the tool today!

Key segments in the podcast discussion:

  1. What is the Portfolio Review Pro tool (0:00 - 2:20)
  2. Benefits of using the Portfolio Review Pro tool (2:21 - 8:34)
  3. How the Portfolio Review Pro tool is different (8:35 - 15:33)
  4. Get actionable insights on your MF portfolio (15:34 - 20:35)
  5. Roadmap - what new features / changes can you expect for the Portfolio Review Pro? (20:36 - 25:37).

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