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The Winning Idea Podcast is here to help you creative bigger, better advertising ideas - faster. Hosted by ad creative Rob Aspinall, it's perfect for graphic designers, copywriters, art directors and anyone in marketing, branding or running a business that needs good concepts. In each episode, Rob shares a free masterclass designed to become a lean, mean ideas machine. From advertising strategy to brand messaging, concept generation and testing – we’re here to help you produce ideas that win. read less


Advertising Strategy: The #1 Error Made by Creatives & Brands
Advertising Strategy: The #1 Error Made by Creatives & Brands
The strength of an advertising campaign often comes down to the strength of the benefits underpinning the idea. If the creative strategy is the launchpad for every idea, benefits are the booster rockets to get it off the ground. Because how clear and compelling the benefits are, often determines how clear and compelling the central offer will be to the audience. That's why so many campaigns either fly or fall based on how much thought has been put into the benefits of a product or service. Yet just because it takes a little effort, doesn't mean it needs to be hard. In this episode of the podcast I explain the simple science of benefits, how to tell them apart from features and how to avoid the trap so many creative thinkers fall into. We'll also be covering the USP and what to do if you haven't got one to work with. So, whether you're an art director, copywriter, designer, creative director, brand marketer or smalll business owner - this masterclass on benefits could be worth its weight in gold. Because when you truly understand how benefits and features work, it's a skill for life that will help you stand out a mile from the competition. And even if you know your stuff in this area, this class will act a useful refresher to help cement your expertise. I'll be sharing a further episode on benefits in the near future, so subscribe to the podcast to make sure you don't miss out. In the meantim,e enjoy the show. And don't forget to post a review to let me know what you think. >>> Check out my online video courses on Skillshare. You get free access for 14 days. Just search: ‘skillshare rob aspinall’